Enchanted Forest 2019 Shawl Pin Club

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Club Sign Ups are OPEN! . 

Last year’s club taught us that we can Go Anywhere, and 2019 is the start of a new and magical journey. Introducing...the Enchanted Forest Club. Here’s your quest, should you choose to accept it! 🌳


Quest Overview:

This adventure draws inspiration from the charmed forests of lore--from ancient woodlands to magical groves. Each month’s exclusive items will be inspired by a favorite fantasy novel of Michelle’s, and we invite you to read-along as we stitch our way through the year. While each choice was inspired by books, each treasure will also be something you might find in a magical forest near you. Your quest? To explore our world through our favorite fiber crafts! New techniques, new colorways, new fibers-what uncharted territory will you conquer, brave adventurer?


Now then, we can’t have a quest without loot. Read on for your monthly treasure pack!


For $20 each month you’ll receive:

*An Exclusive Shawl Pin

*Exclusive Notions

Possibilities include stitch markers, progress keepers, a charm bracelet, and other fun useful tools for knit *and* crochet!

*A Letter with yarn, pattern, and book suggestions

An actual, physical letter. Likely not to be delivered by owl, but we won’t rule that out.

The Enchanted Forest Club lasts for the whole of 2019. After the initial payment you will be charged $20 on the 26th of each month. Packages will ship out on the last day of each month. Shawl Pins and notions will be exclusive for at least six months. After which they *might* be added to the website. Over the course of the club a variety of pin styles and wire colors will be sent, creating your own treasure trove of #ShawlPinStyle. I can’t wait to share this adventure with all of you, but spaces *are* limited-so sign up today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Loving my shawl pins

Loving my new shawl pins.
Michelle does a great job on all her designs. Can’t wait for my new shawl.!

Shawl pin club

Beautiful shawl pins. Good workmanship.

Enchanted Forest shawl pin club

Loved my first shipment. What a treat for a cold and dreary winter. Have worn the beautiful pin, used the markers and ate the 🍭. Thanks!

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