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Go anywhere and look impeccably dressed with each month's Shawl Pin, Pattern pairing, bonus goodies, and yarn suggestions! Inspired by the Reading Rainbow each month's package is designed to be as inspiring as reading a new book.There’s something magical about finding a new favorite book. It takes you on an adventure! You become invested in the story, fall in love with the characters, and celebrate their triumphs as if they were your own. Reading Rainbow was an inspiration for an entire generation of readers, and I hope to bring that feeling to your needles this year with my first ever club! Wherever your knitting takes you for the rest of 2018, you can Go Anywhere with new techniques, patterns, and finishing touches. 📚 

The Go Anywhere club lasts for 4 months. Packages will ship out on the first of each month from September - December.

Spaces are limited! Grab your spot before it disappears.


Each month's shipment will include:

Exclusive Shawl Pin

Knitting Pattern PDF Download

Yarn Suggestions

Bonus Goodies


Not sure which pattern, pin, and yarns go together? This club has got you covered. Each month you will a carefully selected Shawl Pin, yarn, and pattern pairing.


Shawl Pins are exclusive for 3 months. After which they *might* be added to the website. Over the course of 4 months a variety of pin styles and wire colors will be sent. Club members will be the first to be notified if and when the club exclusive pins are added to the website. So excited to share these exclusive pins with you!


The Patterns sent will be the 5 patterns in the Go Anywhere collection. You will receive the patterns via Ravelry. When the first shipment is sent you will be gifted the Go Anywhere collection through Ravelry. The first pattern 'In The Sky' will be available for download at this time as well. A new pattern will be added and notification sent each month within 5 days of that month's club package being sent.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shawl pin and stitch markers

What a beautiful pin and the stitch markers to match!!!

Somewhat disappointed

The shawl pin is nice but I thought it came with a pattern or something

Monthly shawl pin club

This first shawl pin I received is soooooo very pretty! And the gift of stitch markers was such a nice surprise! I think I’m going to enjoy this!☺️