It's Rainin' Cats & Dogs End Minder Set for Knit and Crochet

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Celebrate your stitches in style with a complete set of crafty cat and dependable dog End Minders! Each set includes 4 black cats, 4 white cats, 4 black dogs, and 4 white dogs.

Keep your loose ends tidy in style with a new type of notion: End Minders!  These critters are a versatile notion handy for every project. These animal shaped bobbins await your yarn to make their coats colorful. Each set of animals comes in its own crystal corral perfect for storing spares with your project or keeping your pride and pack organized with your other notions.

The Crafty Cat and Dependable Dog End Minders can be used for:

- tidying the cast on end

- holding yarn joined in the middle of the project

- wrapping yarn as color swatch to carry with you 

- displaying left overs of your favorite yarn

- gifting left overs with a project just incase repairs are needed


Crafty Cats and Dependable Dogs function well to keep six inches to one yard of fingering, sport, dk, or worsted weight yarn tidy. A one yard of yarn length is ideal to create a moderately furry coat. 


To Use:

- hold end of yarn on the critter's heart

- wrap yarn around the critter and over the yarn end

- when only about an inch of yarn is left press it into the slot at the neck

- the closer the critter is to the work,  the better

- et viola, your end is now guarded by the cat or dog and will not get tangled while you knit.


Check out this Blog Post for a photo tutorial of how to secure yarn on your Suavest Sheep end minders. 


These multi-purpose notions were designed by Michelle. She 3-d prints them in her home studio with PLA(made from plant based renewable resources and nontoxic). The suavest sheep measure 1 1/4 x 3/4 inches. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stephanie Warren
End Minders

These end minders are the BEST!! I love them! So glad I have them to make my knitting projects more fun AND keeps those ends tucked in & out of the way! Thank you so much!!!

Darcy MacDonald
Cute and helpful!

I've been enamored with these little guys since I saw them at virtual S&W in May - but I'd already blown my budget.
When I needed stocking stuffers for myself and my daughter I knew right where to head!

Raymonda Schwartz
Adorable - and Useful, Too!

Loved all the other animal ones, but since I have worked in rescue (and currently have 7 rescue dogs!) these really spoke to me! And they work just as nicely as all the others!

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