Easy Beader for Knit or Crochet

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Easy Beader is a tool for adding beads to yarn while knitting or crocheting. Each beader comes in a bag with clear printed instructions and a few beads to practice with.

It works with size 6/0, 8/0 or larger beads. The wire measures .94mm at the folded tip where beads are attached to yarn. It is too thick for size 11/0 beads. Here is a link to a bead size chart. They also have a great color selection of beads in just the right sizes for adding to knit/crochet items. http://bit.ly/1O30yhP

The easy beader can hold approximately 30 beads. This makes it faster than a crochet hook which you have to reload after each bead. If you have kids or pets this also means you can keep your bead container closed after loading the beader reducing the risk of spilled beads.

The beader measures 5 1/2 inches long. To hold beads on a bead is threaded and glued to the wire at one end and a hook is at the other end. The wire has a durable nylon coating that lasts well and helps the beads to slide on.


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For  photo and video tutorial of how to use the beading tool Click Here


Looking for a pattern to try out beading? Check out our knit and crochet patterns linked below.


Crystal Helix


Apparent Glitz


Crystal Berries


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Customer Reviews

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This is so great, had used dental floss previously. This is so much better. Showed it to all my friends at knit night and they all wanted the info from the business card that was in the package.


I like this easy to add a bead at a time. I don’t like to load them all at once as I think they tend to wear yarn a bit thinner. Fun!

The Best!

This tool makes beading practically painless. I've spent years beading with a crochet hook and chasing escaped beads. Michelle, you are a genius! This tool speedup the process and makes placing the bead so much easier. THANK YOU!!!!

Great product at a great price

I really love this tool. I heard about this beader on a forum on Ravelry, I bought 4 so I would have enough for ongoing mkals without having to switch out the beads each time I had to change projects or colours. Ordering was quick and easy, tracking was provided and to my surprise I received an e-mail stating that my order had been delivered, that's great customer service. I love how easy this tool is to use, I have had a lot of trouble trying to use a crochet hook to place beads -- snagging the yarn and damaging delicate fibres and then yarn and hook not going back through the bead. The bead tool has more stability than floss and made it easier to seat beads in my lace project. I wish I had known about this product sooner. And you can't beat the great customer service.

Best tool ever!

I discovered this gem at 2018 Stitches Midwest and, after I used it & loved it, had to buy 3 more. It is remarkable! So easy to use. Makes adding beads a dream, not a chore.

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