Tip Tuesday: Loose Ends with Suavest Sheep to the Rescue

May 16, 2019 1 Comment

Suavest Sheep to the Rescue-Crafty Flutterby Creations

I am so proud of and excited to share my newest invention with you. The Suavest Sheep and Lovable Lambs solve a problem many knitters and crocheters weren't aware they had: loose ends from cast on/(or starting chain for crocheters) and joining colors in the middle. At the evening knit night with whom I learned to knit several years ago; their solution for loose ends is a bread bag tag. It works but it's not pretty and sometimes the working yarn gets stuck or tangled in the tag. For a while I wondered how could I make something that would function better and be fun to use. And thus the Suavest Sheep were born. (If you are wondering how to pronounce it say the word Suave then est; as in the most suave) Not only can these cuties keep your loose ends snug against your work they can also be a way to carry around a small swatch of yarn to help find its match. 


Suavest Sheep Yarn Bobbins

Since releasing the first batch of Suavest Sheep I have discovered that they are a little large for some projects. They will soon be joined by the Lovable Lambs.

Suavest Sheep and Lovable Lamb Yarn Bobbins

Suavest Sheep are designed to be at home with 6 inches to 1 yard of sport, dk, worsted or aran weight yarn. They will also work with at least 12 inches of fingering weight yarn.

Suavest Sheep on Crochet


Lovable Lambs enjoy holding onto 6 inches to 1 yard of lace, fingering, and sport weight yarn.  


Lovable Lambs


To use either size of sheep yarn bobbin hold the yarn end on the heart and wrap the yarn around until it is an inch or two from the work. For best results place the last 2-3 wraps near the front of the sheep just behind the hook. The final 2 inches should get wrapped into the slot of the hook once or twice to secure it. 

Suavest Sheep Yarn Bobbin How ToSuavest Sheep Yarn Bobbin How toSuavest Sheep Yarn Bobbin How to


If you are wrapping loose ends near live stitches, then let the sheep dance a couple of inches below your work for a row or two. This keeps them out of the way and entertained while you knit or crochet. 


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Lisa Adcock
Lisa Adcock

October 16, 2019

Great idea!

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