12 Days of Yarnmas 2019

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12 Days of Yarnmas 2019

As the year draws to a close I hope that everyone is enjoying their favorite seasonal traditions.  I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition celebrating our shared love of yarn crafts with a photo prompt game. In the tradition of sharing I've roped a friend in to make this game even more fun! Space Cadet Yarn will be joining in the daily prompts and contributing to the prize! This is also an opportunity to thank you for your continued support by offering up free patterns and a prize box! The prize box includes a Shawl Pin and End Minder Set from my website Crafty Flutterby Creations and some stunning yarn from Space Cadet Yarn

 For inspiration, I’ve taken the song The 12 Days of Christmas and added yarnie new ways to celebrate. Just as the traditions and lyrics have changed over the years, I would like your help adding a new twist! ;) Introducing: The  12 Days of Yarnmas Photo Prompt Game! It will take place from the first day of Christmas (December 25th) through the 12th day of Christmas (January 5th). 

12 Days Of Yarnmas Prompt List

How it works:

Post the graphic above with The 12 Days of Yarnmas details with #YarnmasCarols @CraftyFlutterby and @SpaceCadetYarn anytime between now and December 25th to announce your participation. 

Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook each day containing one or more items mentioned in the prompt with #YarnmasCarols @CraftyFlutterby and @SpaceCadetYarn (If posting on FB make sure your post is public so that I can see it) 

Each day that you post is a chance to win the prize box (including the post with the list of prompts)!

Post on all 12 days for your choice of one of my knit or crochet patterns! 

Winners will be contacted by January 10th via PM on Social Media

This year’s prompts and dates: 

Dec 25th 1. A Yarn Cake Under the Tree

Dec 26th 2. Cozy Gloves (or mittens)

Dec 27th 3. Works in Progress

Dec 28th 4. Ornaments Made

Dec 29th 5. Golden Sheep

Dec 30th 6. Shawl Pins Sparkling

Dec 31st 7. Friends a Crafting

Jan 1st 8. Needles Resting (or hooks)

Jan 2nd 9. Shawls a Styled

Jan 3rd 10. Loose Ends Sorted

Jan 4th 11. Finished Projects 

Jan 5th 12. Memories Made

Origins of the 12 Days of Christmas as a tradition and a song

The traditions of the 12 days of Christmas have been evolving since 567 (1,452 years ago!). The Council of Tours proclaimed the festive and sacred season from Christmas to Epiphany, and established Advent fasting in preparation for the feast. This might have been done to resolve the administrative problems the Roman Empire had in coordinating the different solar and lunar calendars in its different provinces.  Check out the Wikipedia article linked here to learn more. The song The 12 Days of Christmas has its origins in a 1780 children’s book titled Mirth Without Mischief. In 1909 Frederick Austin’s version became quite popular. One of the changes he made was to alter ‘4 colly birds’ to ‘4 calling birds’. Colly in its time meant coal-black. It’s been quite a fun rabbit hole researching the origins of The 12 days of Christmas as a celebratory event and song.  For the Wikipedia article about the song’s origin click here 

Looking forward to seeing what the prompts inspire for everyone and would love to read about your favorite old and new holiday traditions in the comments below! 

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