Pin-spirations: Be Noteworthy

July 10, 2018

Tip Tuesday: Be Noteworthy-Crafty Flutterby Creations

Hoping to get noticed? Wearing a pin on your shawl is a great way to be noteworthy. Shawl Pins are an elegent finishing touch for any shawl, scarf, cardigan or vest. Noteworthy pins are light enough not to way down lacey items or silk scarves. They are also adjustable to fit a variety of thicknesses well. Scroll to the end for a video on how to place and adjust a shawl pin.


On a Triangle Shawl

Pattern - Crystal Helix

Shawl with Noteworthy Pin 1Shawl with Noteworthy Pin back

Shawl with Noteworthy Pin 2Shawl with Noteworthy Pin 4



On a  Vest

Pattern- Suavest Ease

knit vest with pin 1

knit vest with pin 2

knit vest with pin 3


On a Scarf- Fabric hand hemmed by my mom with Opal Shawl Pin

 Noteworthy Shawl Pin on Scarf 1

Noteworthy Shawl Pin on Scarf 2

Noteworthy Shawl Pin on Scarf 3

On a Cardigan- Found at a thrift shop.

Cardigan with Opal Pin 1

Cardigan with Opal Pin 2

Cardigan with Opal Pin 3


Hope you are feeling inspired by all of these photos! What do you wear your shawl pins on?


Tip Tuesday video about how to place and adjust noteworthy pins.



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