Sharing Shawl Cuff Styles

January 27, 2020

Sharing Shawl Cuff Styles

Bringing you the latest shawl styling trend with an eco friendly twist. The shawl cuffs shown here can be worn as a bracelet or adorn shawls, wraps, scarves, etc. They are made of cork from a cork oak tree which is sustainable harvested, making them a great leather alternative. Each of my handcrafted cork cuffs has button shaped snaps that can be adjusted to be 3 different sizes. Most small-medium shawls work best when the cuff is on the smallest size. The middle size fits the average wrist. The largest size is for larger shawls. 


Celtic Cork Shawl Cuff


Wondering how to style a shawl with a cuff? Here are a few inspirational photos for you! If you would like to know more about cork there are a few facts after the photos. 


Hometown Comfort Shawl is an asymmetrical triangle with colorful striped stitch patterns worked in sport weight yarn. This elaborate a pattern pairs perfectly with a neutral cuff like this Natural & Silver Shawl Cuff

Shawl with Cork Cuff 


Dunalastair is a triangle-ish shaped shawl with colorful slipped stitch cables using 2 contrasting skeins of fingering or worsted weight yarn. (shown below in fingering) The light grey sparkling contrast color pairs well with this Cream Pearl Cuff

Dunalastair with  cork cuff

Dunalastair with cork cuff


Be Anything is a triangle shaped shawl with lace, cables, and slipped stitches worked in 3 skeins of DK weight yarn. Pattern will be released soon! Sign up for my Newsletter to find out when. Featured here with the Cream Pearl Cuff.

Be Anything Shawl with Cork Cuff


This Find your Fade worked with oodles of fingering weight yarn was the only shawl featured here large enough to warrant the largest size setting on the shawl cuff. 

Find Your Fade Shawl Cuff Style Vegan Cork Cuff

Find Your Fade Shawl Cuff Style Vegan Cork Cuff

Find Your Fade Shawl Cuff Style Vegan Cork Cuff


Let's finish off the shawl cuff inspirations with a crocheted infinity scarf. Rip Tied is an infinity scarf using a single skein of fingering weight yarn. Shown with our Lilac Shawl Cuff. Which color cuff would you choose, a matching or contrasting one?  

 Crocheted Scarf with Cork Shawl Cuff

Rainbow of Cork Shawl Cuffs



A few fun facts about cork fabric:

The trees are harvested for the first time after about 20 years of growth. After that they can be harvested every 8-10 years for 200 years!

While the tree is growing new bark it absorbs and filters 5 times more CO2 than when the bark is thick. Yeah for saving the environment with fashion! 

The cork bark is treated, shaved and adhered to a soft woven backing.

The cork fabric used to make these cuff is: soft, light weight, stain resistant, water resistant, antimicrobial and flame retardant.




What other accessories would you like to see styled with a shawl cuff? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below. :)

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