From Michelle's Assortment to Crafty Flutterby Creations

As the daughter of a home economics teacher, crafting has been my favorite pastime for as long as I can remember.  I learned to crochet in my 20s, and added knitting to my repertoire a few years later.  Soon thereafter, I discovered the joy of making shawl pins.  I was pleasantly surprised when they were well-received at local craft fairs.


Before the very first country craft show, I poured my creativity into each piece, and ran out of time to think of and register a clever shop name!  Michelle's Assortment was good enough for a small business that attended a couple of holiday craft shows a year. The next adventure was traveling to fiber festivals and knitting conventions all around the country. Over the last few years this little endeavor has grown beyond my wildest dreams!


Thanks to all the amazing customers I’ve met over the years, it’s time for a metamorphosis. A new name, logo and website have emerged from the cocoon and spread their wings.  Previously, shawl pins, patterns, event details, and special offer notifications were spread out over several media platforms.  Now, you can find them all in one place. Come back often to spot our new features, like pin-wearing tips, and pattern technique tutorials.  I look forward to adding more in the future!


It is beyond a dream come true to help support my family while doing something I enjoy.  Thank you for your support! 


Michelle Stead

Owner, Creator, Designer