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The bad: These are really small. You can’t wind more than a foot of yarn if that. I can fit more on a a bread clip. Might be more useful for embroidery thread. The good: The delivery was fast, and all but 1 of the imperfections were minimal.

So cute!

On top of being cutely hilarious, these are also very well made. I purchased as a gift for a sassy knitter - she's going to love them!

Choose wisely

These cedar wooden carved yarn tail holders seemed like a perfect solution to those dangly ends. In fact, I ordered two types Sheep and cat;

Unfortunately, the sheep broke almost immediately at the join . (head broke off - unrepairable). Seems like the cat would be more sturdy since it was one solid piece but I haven't tried those yet. .
In general my advice would be to watch for "Sturdiness" should I want to buy again.

Adorable and functional

I LOVE my end minders. I have the plastic butterfly ones already that I had to have the cedar ones when they came out, as I tend to have issues with moths at home. They’re perfectly smelly and work so well. Since starting to use them, I haven’t had any moth issues with my WIPs, so definitely recommend.

Little end keepers

OMG!, these are the best invention since sliced bread!
I am sharing with my knitting friends!!!!

End minders

I purchased the little cedar (wood) sheep end minders. They are adorable!!!!!!!! While I’m working on my knitting projects.. they just make me smile. Best purchase in a long time. :)

Functional knitting tool

Love this sheep yarn tail holder. It works beautifully. Nice to see a knitting item that really is functional and not just another sales pitch for profit.

end minders

These end minders are adorable. I bought three kinds, sheep, rabbits, and dogs. Gifted one set to a friend.We both love them.

Pretty and practical

I do like things that are useful as well as beautiful. This necklace is such a good idea and the butterflies are so sweet. If you take your knitting wherever you go, you will always have a stitch-minder ready to help. And a great conversation starter too. I love it,

Absolutely gorgeous!

Everyone who wears a shawl must get this shawl pin! It is beautifully made and lovely to look at.

Handy yarn notion!

Putting together little gift bundles for members of my knitting team and these are a perfect inclusion!

Stalwart Shawl pattern

I am almost finished knitting the shawl, and it is a simple pattern to follow. It is turning out wonderful!

Very pleased w two different pins!

I thought I’d ordered two of these , but I just opened bag last week to find my mistake .. but it only means I’ll reorder this one when it’s back in stock. Special gift for a friend and I wanted matching scarf pins. However, they look a lot alike when one is missing. Lol.
I was very pleased w purchase .
It is gorgeous and I am a particular shopper. But I love good art , support small businesses. But only those w the best items get return business.
So, I can tell you I was happy w all aspects of the outcome. Other than my human mistake.
Michelle , correct me next time!
Love both of them , but still need another one of this pin to match hers ! Highly recommend the seller and product !

Butterfly Stitch Markers

The butterfly stitch markers are beautiful, and I can't wait to give them to my sister as a gift! Well-made and I received them quickly!


The easiest beader I have used.

Functional, cute, and great little gifts!

Great, useful and cute gifts for your cross stitches, knitters and crocheters!

So pretty!

This pin I bought for me. I have several lightweight shawls that just can't take the heavier pins. This pin is so pretty and light enough to be perfect with those shawls.

Classic Shawl Cuff
Shawl cuff

This shawl cuff works great! I love the style and how it holds the shawl together so nicely.

An absolute favorite

I love these. I use them and have given as gifts to knitting friends. A true must have accessory.

Adaptable Alpaca End Minder Set
Nancy Istenes
Cute and functional

I’ve loved the sheep and now love the alpacas. These end minders are perfect to keep you from knitting with your tail but to save your tail for seaming later.

Beautiful pin

The pin matched my shawl perfectly. Your pins always stay on.


I got the dog end minders for myself a while ago and loved them so much that I ordered some for my friends who have been adopted into a dog’s pack.

I also ordered the cat version to gift to my friends who are owned by cats.

Adorable and useful!

Crafty Cats - End Minders for Knit and Crochet
Amy F.
Love them!

I got the dog end minders for myself a while ago and loved them so much that I ordered the cat version to gift to my friends who are owned by cats. So cute and useful!

Love love love

Always getting caught up in that yarn tail? Never again with these adorable little helpers ! Love love love them.

Adaptable Alpaca End Minder Set
Paula K.
Cute alpaca end minders

Bought these as part of a Christmas gift. Adding to ones previously purchased and being enjoyed by the recipient.