Pin-spirations: Give a Twirl A Whirl

June 18, 2018

Tip Tuesday: Give a Twirl A Whirl-Crafty Flutterby Creations

For this week's Tip Tuesday I'm excited to share with you inspirations for styling with Twirl Shawl Pins. With a single shawl pin you can style the same accessory many different ways. The inspiration for these pins came from customer feedback. In the booth at events I often heard 'What if I loose the stick?' If given the opportunity I would give them a demo similar to the one in the Charmed Pin Tip Tuesday video linked here. So I developed this twirl style just in time to debut at Stitches Midwest 2016. Twirl pins are made of a thicker wire than the Charmed, Noteworthy and Round Pins; which makes them not quite as light. The Twirl Pins function best on hand knitted/crocheted items made in fingering-worsted weight yarn. They can also be worn on woven scarves. Scroll to the end for a video on how to give a twirl a whirl.


Woven Scarf with Butterfly Pin

Twirl Shawl Pin on Woven Scarf




Knit Triangle Shawl - Pattern Intrepid Ardor with Pearl Twirl Pin

Triangle Shawl Intrepid Ardor with a Twirl Shawl Pin

Intrepied Ardor Knit Triangle Shawl with Twirl Shawl Pin



Knit Vest - Pattern Suavest Hues with Pearl Twirl Pin

Suavest Hues Vest with Twirl PinSuavest Hues Vest with Twirl Pin

Suavest Hues Vest with Twirl PinSuavest Hues Vest with Twirl Pin




Storebought Cardigan - Thrift Shop Find with Butterfly Twirl Pin

Suavest Hues Vest with Twirl Pin

Storebought cardigan with twirl shawl pin



Assymetric Triangle Shawl - Pattern Beadazzled with Pearl Twirl Pin


Beadazled lace knit shawl with Twirl Pin


Watch this video for tips on how to place a twirl pin


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