Indie Design Gift A Long: Pattern Picks and What It's All About

November 29, 2019 2 Comments

Indie Design Gift A Long: Pattern Picks and What It's All About

Apparent Cables Knit Shawl


Planning to knit/crochet yourself or your loved ones a special gift this season? Kick your gift knitting into high gear with the Indie Gift A Long! 

The Ravelry Group for the Indie Gift A Long  is a place to :

Participate in K/CALs

Share pics of your finished gifts

Chat- encourge others, share your progress, etc

Win prizes (including a few from my website)

Play designer trivia games

Tame the Opadoo. (first comment with what the opadoo is gets a free pattern from my Ravlery store. ;) - Lucy and Christiane are the winners! )


The K/CALs run from November 26th  to December 31st 2019. Any paid pattern by the participating designers is eligible for a prize in the K/CALS. This year's GAL has 286 participating designers with over 20,000 K/CAL eligible patterns. With so many possible patterns, I'm here to help with a few of my faves from this year's line up a later in this blog post.  Click here for all eligible patterns.


The K/CAL Categories Are:

Hats & Other Head Things

Hand & Arm Things

Foot & Leg Things, Baby Things

Sweaters & Other Garments

Shawls & Stoles

Cowls, Scarves, & Other Neck Things

Toys, Home & Other Miscellaneous Things


Which of these categories would you most want to participate in? You’ll find me in the Shawls & Stoles Category stalking all the stunning shawls hoping to spot one of my handcrafted shawl pins on an FO and Sheep, Bunny or Lamb End Minders on a WIP. In true team spirit I’m also participating and making Curved Space (tunisian crochet shawl) from Aklori Designs.


Curved Space Shawl with End Minders


My Top Ten Pattern Picks  

With so many participating designers and eligible patterns it can be difficult to choose. Here are a few that caught my eye this year. 
 UnChained Melody Knit Shawl Pattern
Unchained Melody by Petra Machova Kourilova from the Czech Republic (knit) 
Florence Crochet Pattern
Florence by Vicky Chan from Canada (crochet) 
Curved Space Tunisian Crochet Shawl
Curved Space by Aklori Designs from Arizona USA (tunisian crochet - also my goal for this year’s Shawl & Stole K/CAL) 

Antara Knit Shawl
Antara by Nidhi Kansal from India (knit- cables and lace)  
Beneath my Wings Knit Shawl
Beneath My Wings by Gege a la Gomme from Canada (knit- brioche) 
Veridigreen knit shawl
Verdigreen by Nim Teasdale from Australia (knit- cables and slipped stitiches) 
Silver Fir Knit Shawl
Silver Fir Shawl by Kerri Blumer from Ohio ( knit- cables) 
I'm Spiraling Cowl knitted
I’m Spiraling Cowl by Carla Cuadros from Los Angeles, USA (knit) Click here to check out the Thistle Shawl Pin handcrafted by me. :)  

Iradium Shawl
Iradium by Skeinwalker Knits from the Netherlands(knit- lace)
The Pink Arch
The Pink Arch by Paola Albergamo from Italy (knit-brioche) 
Which of these designs would you most like to have the time and skill to knit? Let me know in the comments. :) 



Step by Step GAL Participation Guide

Hopefully by now you’re thinking ‘That sounds AMAZING! How do I participate?’ Well, read on and wonder no longer.  


To participate:

Join the Indie Design Gift A Long Group on Ravelry. (Click here and then click ‘join this group’ in the upper right hand corner.) 


Post in any of the 8 categories of K/CAL with what pattern you are going to make and a link to your project page for it (if you have one). 


A moderator will then add you to the list for that category. 


Optional: Join in the chat, share wip pics, and encourage others.


Share your FO pic in the dedicated FO thread (for all K/CALs) linked here. 


Each FO in the FO thread that is made from a participating designers paid pattern is eligible for a grand prize! The more FOs you make and share the more chances to win!


Looking forward to seeing your projects! 

2 Responses

Cristiane Daros
Cristiane Daros

December 01, 2019

Beautiful projects! Just loved them. Not sure if I am courageous enough to tame the opadoo and make all of the eight patterns, but will make at least one. Do I get a free pattern?! :-)


December 01, 2019

Thank you this was interesting; it is my first year participating so I’m trying to absorb as much information as possible! Each information, page I read is helping me understand better :)
I love the look of the Florence Triangle Shawl, I will make sure to add it as a favourite. I only crochet at the moment but would like to learn to knit and all the beautiful knitting patterns are very inspirational.
Oh and if I’ve read/understood correctly the Opadoo is completing an item in each of the categories (hats, shawls, etc.) using paid patterns from participating designers?

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