Event Recap: DFW Fiber Fest

July 06, 2018

Event Recap: DFW Fiber Fest-Crafty Flutterby Creations

This event was very special for a lot of reasons.  Are you ready for the best reason? My mom flew out to be my booth helper for the weekend! Fiber Festival + Mother Daughter Weekend = Winning! Since this event was too far to drive to in a day I got to spend a day in flight. A day in flight is a relaxing break from being a wife, mom, and shawl pin maker. I take full advantage of every peaceful moment to knit, listen to audio books, and watch the landscape change as the plane flew halfway across the country.  I had never been to Texas before.  I was really impressed by how friendly everyone was!

Mother Daughter Selfie

The first walk in was a perfect induction for my mom of what events are like.  As we walked there were several ‘Hi Michelle!’ greetings from vendor friends I had not seen in months.  It’s like Cheers where everybody knows your name.  I have to hand it to the DFW Fiber Fest Organizers and volunteers. There were plenty of volunteers ready to help haul things to your booth and even set up! The volunteers were also on hand very regularly throughout the event for brief breaks, food runs, and many even at the end to help speed up tear down!


I was really blown away by the number of attendees who already owned, loved and wore a shawl pin to the booth! For a first year I wasn’t expecting any. It inspiring seeing everyone’s unique shawl pin style.

 shawl pin style 1shawl pin style 2

shawl pin styleshawl pin style

shawl pin style 5shawl pin style 6

shawl pin style 7shawl pin style 8


DFW Fiber Fest put on a really great show! They added a lot of fun extras to the market floor for attendees to enjoy. In the Fiberatory they had demos, needle and yarn tasting, knitter’s table of the elements, live silk worms, and a braid to shawl competition.

Pictured below Fiberatory yarn, needle, and hook tasting with custom ceramic beakers from Pawley Studios


In the braid to scarf competition a team of people spin a braid of roving into yarn, then weave it into a scarf. The team with the best and largest scarf wins.

braid to shawl


The Stitch Marker swap run by Erin Lane Bags is always a treat. It was so much fun seeing the stitch markers everyone made. Here’s my haul.

stitch marker swap haul


Occasionally I sneak out of my booth leaving the helper in charge so I can chat with other vendors.  It’s always great to meet new vendors and reconnect with vendors I haven’t seen in months. DFW did not disappoint. Here are the goodies I brought home from vendor friends old and new!

Stunning String Studio

Big Foot Fibers  

Blue Mule Fiber

Fiber Optic

Irish Girl Crafts

Soap from Goodies Unlimited

Grace’s Cases (tardis yarn cake bag)

Amanda Hope Yarn

 Yarn haul


When the booth was all packed up we had the rest of the evening to enjoy. The Mustangs at Las Colinas are very neat statues. When viewed form almost any angle they look like they are running across the water.  On the way to dinner we saw blue bonnets everywhere along the road side.  One of my fave types of restaurant to find when I travel is Inidan/Curry. Godavari did not disappoint.  They had my favorite dish (Navaratan Korma, Garlic naan, and Mango Lassi).

Mustangs of Las Colinas

The next morning our flights left at a similar time. While waiting to board we fit in a few rounds of Monopoly DEAL and listened to a musician play his violin. It was such a fun and fabulous weekend I wanted to hold on to every moment just a little longer.

DFW Fiber Fest put on an amazing show! I am so excited to return again next April!


Next event to get a recap will be Maryland Sheep and Wool!


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