Event Recap: Stitches West 2018

June 15, 2018

Event Recap: Stitches West 2018-Crafty Flutterby Creations

Stitches West 2018 Recap

The spring show season was wonderfully busy and full of travel! Now that summer is here I have time to reminisce and share with you highlights from the spring shows. Our adventure begins with Stitches West. What an adventure it was!


One of the perks of my job is spending a day in flight from Ohio to California. After days of pin making every spare waking moment (and possibly in my sleep). There are several hours of knitting time. Wire working tools and supplies are kind of frowned upon at airport security. ;) I made really good progress on Savvy Slips (coming soon) and Crystal Berries. Working the beaded picot edging on Crystal Berries was a breeze with my beading tool. Loaded up with beads it was easy to add each bead as needed. When it rebelled and slipped out of my fingers upside down onto the floor the beads stayed on the tool!


Savvy Slips WIPCrystal Berries WIP


Another aspect of travel that I truly enjoy is watching the world shrink and scenery change as the plane flies across the country. The layover airport of choice for me is Denver. There is a restaraunt there called Magic Crepe. The Banana Caramel crepe with whipped cream is scrumptious! Not to mention the view of the Rocky Mountains from the airport and the plane. These are totally valid reasons to select a layover airport, right?


Plane View

  Magic Pan Crepe MakingMagic Pan Banana Caramel Crepe


Booth set up is made much more enjoyable by getting to see my vendor friends again. It’s like a home away from home. As I walk up and down aisles to haul stuff to my booth there is a chorus of ‘Hello, How’ve you been? So glad to see you!’ amongst many of the vendors. Usually I make time to go and see a local sight during set up time. Since I flew solo without a helper for this trip that didn’t happen. I am looking forward to flying a friend/helper out next year and making time to see the Lace and Quilt museums nearby!


Pendean Shawl Debut


This year I had a pretty amazing booth neighbor: Destination Yarn. This year we collaborated on the Pendean Shawl .


 Crafty Flutterby Creations BannerCrystal Helix Kits


Also Debuting at Stitches West were: 2 new banners, Crystal Helix Kits with yarn from Why Knot Fibers and show exclusive Czech Glass shawl pins.  The new banners included the new logo w/tagline and Shawl Pin styling inspirations. This newest banner shows how to style the same shawl a few  different ways. It was wonderful watching people take the banner in and enlightenment dawn. For more shawl pin styling inspirations check out the Product Tips tab and other blog posts.


Stitches West Booth Pic


Seeing attendees wearing pins to the booth is always a highlight of any show for me! Here are just a few of the many who brightened my day. :)  See anyone you recognize? Want to be featured in an event re-cap for another show? Every attendee who wears a pin in the booth gets a GIFT and request to take their picture. I also offer to text you the picture so you have it as well.


Shawl Pin Customer Style 1Shawl Pin Customer Style 2

Shawl Pin Customer Style 3Shawl Pin Customer Style 4

Shawl Pin Customer Style 5Shawl Pin Customer Style 6



Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and the XRX staff for putting on another fabulous show!

Next Event to get a re-cap will be DFW! This was a super special weekend as my mom flew out to help me. :)


Where will I see you next? Check out my full event calendar here

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