Featured Designer: Rachy Newin - Crochet Shawls and Wraps

March 07, 2019

Featured Designer: Rachy Newin - Crochet Shawls and Wraps-Crafty Flutterby Creations

Starting off the new Featured Designer of the Month series with my friend and fabulous fellow crochet designer: Rachy Newin!


Rachy’s patterns are intended to provide crocheters with the opportunity to make something truly beautiful, with high end yarns that are a joy to work with. They highlight the beauty of natural fibers and hand dyed yarns, and emphasize the artistry that can be created with crochet. The patterns are fun to work up and gorgeous to wear, and are clearly a design of today’s era.  Her patterns also contain as much flexibility and customizability as possible so that you can create something that suits you perfectly.



First up is Lake Shore Shawl feature’s two colors of yarn in a wing shape.  To help keep it in place on a windy day wear it with a vintage bronze charmed pin like this tree of life.

Lake Shore Crocheted Shawl 1

Lake Shore Crocheted Shawl 1

Lake Shore Crocheted Shawl 3

Tree of Life Shawl pin in Bronze


 Dream of Diamonds Wrap  is a generous rectangle worked in 3 colors.  Wear it with the April Diamond Shawl Pin for an elegant finishing touch.

Dream of Diamonds Crochet Wrap 1


Dream of Diamonds Crochet Wrap 2


Dream of Diamonds Crochet Wrap 3
April Diamond Birthstone Shawl Pin


Gennie Shawl is a great beginner pattern with an easy 2 row repeat. One of the Dragonfly Shawl Pins would be a stunning match in any color.  

Gennie crochet shawl 1

Gennie Crochet Shawl 2

Gennie Crochet Shawl 3

Gennie Crochet Shawl 4

Dragonfly Shawl Pins



This next design looks super fun to hook up. Spiral Out features 3 colors of yarn with a unique construction that finishes in a boomerang shape.  While there is no shawl pin in these photos it’s easy to imagine styling this shawl a variety of ways. The October Opal Shawl Pin would look gorgeous and different depending on which color(s) of yarn it was over.

Spiral Out Crochet Shawl

Spiral Out Crochet Shawl 2

October Opal Shawl Pin


Check out all of Rachy Newin's amazing pattern through this Ravelry Link.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned next month for a featured knitting designer! What accessories would you like to see more patterns and pin styling options for?

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