Featured Designer: Yellow Cosmo Knit Cardigans and Shawls

July 01, 2019

Featured Designer: Yellow Cosmo Knit Cardigans and Shawls-Crafty Flutterby Creations

In the spirit of encouraging support for a diverse community of knitwear pattern designers it’s time for a new featured designer blog post! Connie has quite a few stunning shawl and cardigan patterns. I’m particularly enamored with her shawl patterns that play with contrasting colors of yarn. 

Intrigue is a simple cardigan with just enough details. It would look equally charming with a shawl pin instead of buttons. This golden green shawl pin would be a subtle shimmering finishing touch. 

Intrigue Knitted Cardigan Pattern by YellowCosmo

Shimmering Green Shawl Pin

Taroko with its lace front bands and a bit of positive ease is a perfect shawl pin candidate. A bronze charmed pin like this dragonfly would be stunning on this warm color. Decorate the collar or use it to hold the cardigan closed for versatility and style. 

Taroko Knitted Cardigan Pattern by YellowCosmo

Dragonfly Shawl Pin

Colors and Circles features a fun technique on the edge. Don't get lost stash diving for a lonely skein and a few cherished remnants. This bronze penannular shawl pin with glowing labradorite would accentuate all of the colors in this shawl.

Colors and Circles Knitted Shawl Pattern by YellowCosmo  

Bronze Penannular Shawl Pin

Perimeter is a bottom up triangle shawl using 2 contrasting yarns to create an interesting texture.  Finding the perfect shawl pin would be as fun as choosing which 2 yarns to knit the shawl in. This grey moon dragon shawl pin would stand out on the main color while highlighting the contrast color. 

Perimeter Knitted Shawl Pattern by YellowCosmo

Moon Dragon Shawl Pin


Fine and Dandy is another fun pattern utilizing 2 contrasting yarns. Paired with the classic elegance of a penannular shawl pin with pearl bead, I sure would feel fine and dandy! ;) 

Fine and Dandy Knitted Shawl Pattern by YellowCosmo

Silver Penannular Shawl Pin with Pearl


Tickled by Your Smile is a top down crescent shawl. It certainly makes me smile with that whimsical lace edge. A stitch pattern that gorgeous calls for a simple shawl pin like the shimmering bronze noteworthy. 

Tickled by Your Smile Knitted Shawl Pattern by YellowCosmo

Bronze Shimmer Shawl Pin


Being Here is a bias triangle shawl with a compelling contrast of colors and stitches. The simplicity of design and stitch pattern calls for a contrasting shawl pin. The aqua and lilac shimmer of this noteworthy shawl pin would be a striking finishing touch. 

Being Here Knitted Shawl Pattern by YellowCosmo

Shimmering Silver Shawl Pin



Thank you for being here! Please leave a comment with suggestions on which designer or type of patterns you’d like to see featured next! It would make me smile. :)

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