Pattern Technique Compilation

April 08, 2018

Pattern Technique Compilation-Crafty Flutterby Creations

Looking for links to tutorials for different cast ons, bind offs, adding beads, etc? This tutorial has just that. All of the techniques mentioned in Michelle Stead’s (AKA CraftFlutterby) patterns are listed here. To check out her patterns Click Here. Enjoy!



Cable Cast on With a Twist

This is my favorite cast on. It creates a stable edge with a bit more stretch than a knit cast on without being overly stretchy.Featured in vest patterns Suavest Ease and Suavest Hues

Link to Cable Cast on Tutorial 


Provisional Cast On

This cast on is most commonly used when there is going to be an edge to Kitchener/Graft or to be knit from in the opposite direction.  I prefer to do a provisional cast on over a cable for an interchangeable circular needle set. This makes it easier when it’s time to work from the provisional cast on. Featured in Ballyronan currently only available on Ravelry.

Link to Provisional Cast On Tutorial


Jeny’s Stretchy Slip Knot Cast On

This creates a very stretchy cast on that is perfect if the pattern starts with a long lace edge. Used in Dappled Sea currently only available on Ravelry.

Link to tutorial narrated by Jeny herself! :)


Apparent Glitx Beaded Shawl With Picot Bind off


Elastic Bind Off AKA Stretchy Bind Off

This edge mirrors the Cable Cast on nicely in look and function. It adds stability by having enough stretch without being overly stretchy. Used in vest pattern Coastal Breezes currently only available on Ravelry.

Link to Stretchy/Elastic Bind Off Tutorial  Scroll to #2

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off

This is my go to bind off for every lace edge. It is stretchy, pretty, and quite easy to do. Used in Walderton, Beadazzled, Pendean, and Apparent Plot.

Link to original Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off Tutorial in Knitty

Picot Bind Off

This is a fun edge. It can stretch a little more than a normal knit cast on. The patterns that use this describe exactly how many stitches to cast on and bind off. Used in Apparent Glitz , Bayleaf Garden, and Crystal Helix.

Link to Picot Bind Off Tutorial. Scroll to #4

I Cord Bind Off  

This technique creates a stable edge that has a very polished look. Used in Intrepid Ardor and Dunalastair.

Link to tutorial I Cord Bind Off. Scroll to #3

Kitchener Stitch AKA Grafting

This is the most complex one.  When done well it creates an invisible join of 2 rows of knitting. The trick to getting it just right is the tension. It’s easier to tighten it a little after than it is to try and loosen it if it’s too tight. Every time I use this one I need an empty house and nothing on the TV. For its purpose it is totally worth the effort. Featured in Ballyronan currently only available on Ravelry.

Link to Kitchener Tutorial


Pendean Shawl Slipped Stitches



Adding Beads to Knitting

Add beads to knitting as you go. No need to pre-string. The tutorial shows you how to add beads with a crochet hook or dental floss. This Beading Tool is the best of both. It can hold 30ish beads and has a folded tip to better hook all of the plys of yarn. The Beading Tool comes with a printed tutorial. A tutorial for my easy beader will be added to this blog soon. Used in Apparent Glitz , Beadazzled, and Crystal Helix.

Link to Beading Tutorial

Slipped Stitches

I love slipping stitches. They can make a pattern faster to knit because it’s like skipping stitches. It can also create a fascinating right and wrong side. Used in Lucaya Beach, Wavered, Dunalastair, Pendean, and others.

Link to Slipped Stitches Tutorial


Make 1 Left/Right

This is used to increase a stitch without creating an obvious gap by using a YO. Used in Wavered and Apparent Outlander

Link to M1R and M1L Tutorial


Carrying Yarn Up the Side

This is used for patterns that have more than one color of yarn and switch colors every 4-6 rows. For just 2 rows it isn’t necessary.  This technique holds the dropped color to the edge and makes it less visible. Used in Pendean, Wavered, Mercurial Stripes, Seiche Waves, and others.

Link to Carrying Yarn Up the Side Tutorial

Double Yarn Over

This is so easy you may not need the link below. Wrap the yarn over twice instead of once. Boom, done. The trick to keeping the stitches easy to manipulate is to wrap the yarn loosely. If you wrap the yarn too tightly it is hard to move the stitches from the cable to the needle.Used in Sunulous, Purled Posy, and Buffalo at the Crossroads.

Link to Double Yarn Over Tutorial


Looking for a knitting technique tutorial used in one of Michelle's patterns that isn't here? Comment below and we will add it shortly!

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