Event Recap: Vogue Knitting Live in NYC 2018

February 05, 2018 2 Comments

Vogue Knitting Live in NYC 2018-Crafty Flutterby Creations

Vogue Knitting Live – What a fabulous weekend it was! A BIG thank you to Bonnie for helping out in the booth all weekend and to everyone who stopped by the booth. It was delightful to see friends old and new!

One of the many things I enjoy about my job is getting to travel and see the country while doing what I love. Since I drove in on Thursday, we had a few hours Friday morning to explore the city. It was drizzling that morning, and the tops of the skyscrapers were either foggy or in the clouds. So we bought umbrellas and I hummed Don't Rain on my Parade (Barbara Streisand-Funny Girl).

Crafty Flutterby Creations in Times Square

We went to see the Museum at FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology). Fashion museums are always so fascinating to me, and I plan to look for more of them when I travel. The exhibit at FIT had a fascinating look at how women’s clothes/body shape ideals have changed through the ages. I was particularly appalled by the maternity corset!  Maybe it was actually supportive? But it looked like torture.

With our Friday sightseeing out of the way, on with the show – and what a show it was! Vogue brings in a lot of amazing avant garde fiber artists to display their work as part of the marketplace experience. Here are a few of my Friday Faves:


Going Gnome - This is my favorite display every year! One year it was a Tolkien themed chess set. Click here to visit the Going Gnome website

Felted Gnome Scene

Crochet Art by Gina Rose Gallina. To see more Click Here

Crochet food art

Objects of Affection by Claire Taylor. This embroidery on discarded objects is fascinating. Check out her website here.

Applied Embroidery on old globe

I herby dub Huck and Stuff Queen of Adorably Creepy interactive art. The masks heads of the 'monsters' double as masks. She offered to let me put one on. She has some very clever ideas for interactive art. Check out her website here. I was particularly in awe of the suncatcher forts.

Huck and Stuff Queen of Creepy Cute


My own booth may not be avant garde, but I was trying something new as part of the change of name. We have lights! It's funny how you don't know something is missing until it goes away. The lighting never seemed bad until I turned the lights on and then off. The lighting certainly helped the pins sparkle! Still some kinks to be worked out – I’ll tweak it for my next show. There’s always something new!

Crafty Flutterby Creations Booth at VKL NYC

Crafty Flutterby Creations Booth at VKL NYC

Debuting at VKL this year was the new Crystal Helix kit, a team effort with the Fiberists. It’s inspired by the work of Rosalind Franklin, and her contribution to discovering the structure of DNA. It’s a fascinating story that’s well worth checking out if you’re interested in the history of women in science.

This is what really makes my day during a busy event:  happy customers, proudly wearing their pins to the booth. A few had heard that a gift is given to everyone who wears a pin to the booth. Others just couldn’t wait to show off their pin and shawl styles. Every time a customer shares their experiences of compliments they get when wearing a pin I feel giddy; it’s all music to my ears! Here are a few of the lovely ladies who wore their pins to the booth at VKL NYC:

VKL NYC Proud Pin Wearers

VKL NYC Proud Pin Wearers


Here’s how the wear a pin to get a gift offer works: Wear a pin from Crafty Flutterby Creations/Michelle’s Assortment to our booth at an event. Michelle or her helper will notice. We then offer you the gift and ask your permission for a picture. Depending on how busy the booth is, we’ll also try to send you a copy of the picture and make sure it’s okay to share with other pics on social media. The picture is COMPLETELY optional. We totally understand that not everybody wants their picture taken. We’re just so grateful that you’ve taken the time to show us your shawl pin style.

Bonnie Michelle and Jesse at VKL NYC

After market hours on Friday, we went out for some more NYC sightseeting. I have a tradition of going to see a Broadway show every time I visit the city, and this year we went to see Wicked. It was fabulous! The costumes, the plot, the characters, the whole experience was absolutely amazing.

Seeing Wicked

Another of my VKL NYC traditions is “The View”. This restaurant is inside the Marriot Marquis hotel where the event was being held. The top two floors of the hotel have fully rotating discs; over the course of an hour, you get a full 360° view of the NYC skyline. Oh, and they have AMAZING drinks. I don’t drink much, and when I do it’s frilly as all get out. My favourite is The View’s alcoholic hot chocolate.  It was quite scrumptious!

Michelle at The View

Guilty Pleasure Alcoholic Hot Chocolate

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me. It’s truly a blessing to share this amazing experience with such a wonderful group of friends. My next trip is going to be out to California in February for Stitches West. I hope to see some of you there!

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Sounds like a great trip! I look forward to seeing you at Stitches West. :)

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