Best of 2018

January 13, 2019

Best of 2018-Crafty Flutterby Creations

What a year it's been! So many adventures at events, new indie dyers discovered, Shawl Pins shipped out, and #ShawlPinStyle shared! 


8 Bestselling Products of 2018

Bestselling 8 products in 2018

1. Thistle in Bronze

2. Celtic Knot Round

3. Celtic Knot Quaternary 

4. Silver Dragonfly

5. Beading Tool 

6. English Rose Pin

7. Animal Fiber Arts Progress Keepers 

8. Pearl Pin in Silver



Most Favorited Patterns of 2018

It was quite a prolific year for pattern releases. There were 12 patterns released on Ravelry with 1 additional pattern that is Exclusive to Dragonfly Fibers Club for a few months. Warwick Reflections and In The Rough MKAL really stretched my skills as a knitter and a designer.  The Go Anywhere collection was fun to start. I've been longing for a while to create designs with stitch patterns that look like butterflies. There are 2 patterns left to complete the collection which will be released early this year. 

Bestselling Pattern 2018

1. In a Book

2. Ways to Grow

3. Pendean

4. Crystal Helix

5. In the Sky

6. Dunalastair MKAL

7. Warwick Reflections

8. In The Rough MKAL



8 Favorite Event Memories

I enjoy traveling and seeing the world. Attending Fiber Festivals from coast to coast is one of my favorite parts of my job. In 2018 I added a few new events to the line up: DFW Fiber Fest, Hoosier Hills fiber Festival, Michigan Fiber Festival, Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, and Stitches SoCal. What a whirlwind this fall was! For 2019's full line up of events Click Here

Mother Daughter duo at DFW Fiber Fest

1. Sharing DFW Fiber Fest with my mom. It was the friendliest event. Sharing it with my mom was a memory to treasure. Read more about it in Blog Post Linked Here.


Lambs Wisconsin Sheep and Wool

2. The lambs at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool that I watched a couple hours after they were born. They were figuring out how to nurse and it took a few tries. Read more about it in Blog Post Linked Here.


Costumes at Michigan Fiber Festival

3. This was so adorable, I wish every festival had this event. There were children and sheep in costumes. First they presented themselves to the judges, then they paraded around the festival led by bagpipes. Check out the video on my Youtube Channel linked here


My sons at Great Lakes Fiber Show

 4. At Great Lakes Fiber Show brought my two sons and my friend's daughter. It was a great learning experience for them. They did spend some time running the register. Thomas learned how to weave on an Inkle Loom. Drefan spent a lot of time exploring the festival with Fiber Optic's kids. For more details check out the Blog Post Linked Here.


Stitches Midwest

5. Stitches Midwest was the event with the most #ShawlPinStyle shared. Attendees showing off their favorite shawl and pin combinations in the booth is a highlight of every event. I was also delighted to share this weekend with Kat of Why Knot Fibers. 


VKL NYC Wicked

6. Traveling to events is also a great excuse to do a smidge of sightseeing. This year at VKL NYC I got to see Wicked on Broadway. It was an amazing experience! For more details check out the Blog Post Linked Here.


Crafty Flutterby Creations in Holywood

7. Stitches SoCal afforded the opportunity to see the Holywood sign in person! My helper was kind enough to chauffeur me around to see a couple of sights before the market opened Thursday eve. The top of my list was the Holywood sign. What I didn't realize was that it's only visible from a fairly specific area. 


Booth Helpers 2018

8. My Booth helpers are the BEST! I will cherish the memories of adventures shared and the blessing of their support at each event. Thank you to: Bonnie Harden, my Stitches West Guardian Angel, my Mom, the DFW volunteers, Debbie Quigg, Dawn Craig, my sons, Miriam Harden, Kat Eldred, Sheila Macomber, Carmella Harnishfeger, Joanna Romaniuk, Deb Melaragno, and PJ Kaylor  for being booth helpers this year! I enjoy what I do so much more because of your support! 



Favorite 18 Indie Dyers of 2018

Since there were so many amazing Indie Dyers I had the honor of sharing the Marketplace at fiber festivals, this list is a bit longer than 8. I look forward to knitting something stunning with each of these skeins. Can you tell I have favorite colors? What are the colors you are always drawn to? Each Indie Dyers name is a link to their website. It continues to amaze me to see each indie dyers' unique techniques and the scrumptious range of yarn bases that they dye on. 


2018 Indie Dyed Yarn

Pictured above from left to right:

Why Knot Fibers

Dragonfly Fibers

Yarn Geek Fibers

Big Foot Fibers

Deep Dyed Yarns

Twisted Fiber Art  If I had to pick only 1 yarn as the absolute favorite from 2018; it would be this one. It is a stunning gradient of my 2 fave colors that they dyed with me in mind. I cannot wait to turn it into a stunning pattern. 


2018 Indie Dyed Yarn Greens

 Pictured above from left to right are:

Blue Mule Fiber

Dizzy Blonde Studios

The Fiberists

Stunning String Studio

Medusa Yarn

White Birch Fiber Arts


2018 Indie Dyed Yarns

 Pictured above from left to right are: 

Fiber Optic Yarn 


Mode Knit Yarn

Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm

Kyla's Lab

Youghiogheny Yarns



2018 has been an amazing year thanks to your support! Thank you to everyone who commented on a social media post, stopped by the booth at an event, shared a pic of their #ShawlPinStyle on social media, purchased a product, knit or crocheted a pattern, left a review, or showed their support in some way. Your encouragement brightens my year! Cheers to another fabulous year ahead! 




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