Celebrating the Website's 1 Year Anniversary

October 02, 2018

Celebrating the Website's 1 Year Anniversary-Crafty Flutterby Creations

I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of my rebrand and new website with a discount for everyone who's helped make this year a success...and a free gift! (Coupon code removed after discount expired) 

While Crafty Flutterby Creations has only been around for a year, I've been hand-crafting a stunning and varied selection of shawl pins for over 5 years this April (don't worry, we'll celebrate that date too!). Because every shawl pin needs a home, I've also designed over 50 patterns in the past 4 years. Join me for a trip down memory lane and read on! 

 First Event - Knitter's Fantasy 2013

My first event-A Knitter's Fantasy back in 2013! After getting my feet wet at small local craft fairs I had no idea just how supportive, amazing, and enormous the yarn community is! This was the show where I first started to dream bigger and imagine my shawl pin making as a part time business instead of just a hobby. And you can see where that's taken me...now I have an amazing community of my own! 

And the pins themselves? Well, they've certainly come a long way! Here's a look back at my first ever batch of shawl pins...

First batch of shawl pins!

And then flash forward to today-your top picks from 2018! 

Top Shawl Pin Designs From 2018

From left to right: Pearl Noteworthy Classic, Celtic Round Knot Charmed, April Birthstone Noteworthy Classic 

Next up on our trip down memory lane? Patterns! My first design on Ravelry was Rip Tied, part of my Reversibility collection. This scarf is still a favorite of mine, I'm always a fan of stitch patterns that are easy and interesting! 

Rip Tied

Annnddd back to 2018. More specifically, the grand debut of Warwick Reflections at Maryland Sheep & Wool! 

Warwick Reflections at MDSW 2018

I've so enjoyed stitching along with all of you with the various KALs through the years, and MKALs are twice as fun! Last year we knit our way through ancient castles and moors with Dunalastair. 

Dunalastair MKAL Shawl Pattern

As for 2018, if you missed the start of my #InTheRoughMKAL, don't fret! We'll be starting another mystery adventure on New Year's. What better way to start the year than with yarn? Keep in the loop here. 

This year has taken me all over the country-from coast to coast! Local fiber festivals all the way up to the largest knitting conventions in the country, each one has its own charm and unique experience. Travel with me by following along on my blog! 

I started my year at Vogue Knitting Live NYC, then enjoyed a full day of travel knitting all the way to California for STITCHES West. This year, every STITCHES event has featured an exclusive Czech glass shawl pin, and they like to fly off the shelves first thing each morning. I love seeing them later in the day as part of your #ShawlPinStyle! 

STITCHES West 2018 Czech Glass Shawl Pin

STITCHES Midwest was a wonderful experience, as always. I had the talented Kat of Why Knot Fibers with me in my booth this year, which meant extra sparkly kits! The Build Your Own Kit option has been a great way to work with some of my favorite dyers and cross promote-a rising tide really does lift all boats. 

STITCHES Midwest Recap 2018

Throughout this year, I've also had the chance to travel to DFW Fiber Fest, Maryland Sheep and Wool, Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, Michigan Fiber Festival, and most recently-Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival! You'll see me next at the first ever STITCHES SoCal, and you can find the rest of my upcoming events here

When I had first started over 4 years ago I had never dreamt it was possible for the business to grow as much as it has. I am so grateful of your support along this fabulous adventure! With all of this growth it was long past time to select a better name. I was also ready to break out on my own. And so, September 29th, 2017 became the next turning point in my business career. That was the day I launched my brand new website (off of Etsy!) and the day I re-branded from Michelle's Assortment to Crafty Flutterby Creations! 

New Logo Crafty Flutterby Creations

I think new names always call for new adventures, so I've spent the last year creating some fabulous new resources! The Blog features pin wearing inspirations (ahem...pinspirations ☺️), event recaps, and technique tips. The YouTube Channel has a similar line up in video format with the addition of fun/cute animal videos from events. At my booth at events I enjoy sharing tips on how to adjust shawl pins for a secure fit, and the variety of ways they can be worn. I had long pondered how to share that booth experience with my online community, and now the blog and YouTube channel have become the perfect outlet! 

Here's a rundown of what you can expect when you follow each one...

#TipTuesday Shawl Pin Styles-Learn all about styling your favorite shawl pin, and how to adjust each one for a perfect fit! Check out my video on Noteworthy classics here

 Noteworthy Classics Shawl Pin Styling Video Cover

#TipTuesday Pattern Techniques-Level-up your skills with video tutorials and blog posts on fun techniques, like adding beads to your knitting or crochet. This is a popular demo at events, so be sure to stop by for an in-person lesson! 

TipTuesday-Adding Beads to Crochet and Knitting Projects

And last but not least, Event Re-Caps! You've seen a few of these mentioned already, but they're one of my favorite ways to share my travels with my wonderful community. Can't make it to the event? You can still see the booth, tour the grounds, see my haul, and watch some of the cutest events on the planet-like costume contests with sheep and their kid handlers! 

Costume Contest at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival 2018

That's all for today folks, cheers to another year with all of you as my fabulous community! Don't forget to use the coupon code CELEBRATE for 10% off your order this week, and enjoy your bonus gift. Looking for a bit of shopping inspiration? Check out this week's magical new releases here! 


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